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Come walk with us. We are leading free fun and interesting urban nature walks in the greater Seattle area.

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A Simple Way to FEEL MORE JOY in your life

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Join us for our next walk in Magnuson Park and the Burke-Gilman trail 

Lake Washington and Magnuson ParkTo get all the details and sign up for our next Seattle city walk on February 18, 2017 click: Magnuson Park.

Come walk with us!


Join us for our next Seattle city walk through Seward Park & surrounding neighborhood

Photo courtesy of Seattle Trekker

To get all the details and sign up for our next Seattle city walk on January 21, 2017 click Seward Park and neighborhood walk. 

Hope to see you there!


16 magical wishes for YOU in the New Year!

Birch trees in winter symbolize new beginnings. © 2016 Curt Given/Given Photography

It's a wonderful transitional time of year. A year-end that is filled with love and warmth, solace and spirit, merry and holly. And a new year that promises fresh starts, renewals, and a lot of uncertainty. 

Sometimes you need the perfect wise counsel to help you move into the New Year with ease and grace. Words that shift your perception, get you unstuck or release some worrisome thoughts. Below are some of my favorite wise words in no particular order. 

I hope as you ponder these, you'll find one or two or maybe even three concepts that resonate with you, giving you a great start to 2017! 

These are tried and true and my heart-felt wishes for you.  

  1. You know, without a doubt, that everyday is like a fresh new palette for you to create whatever you want.
  2. You always make choices from your heart, for your highest good.
  3. You know that true empowerment is when you don't need anyone to change her/his behavior to make you feel better. 
  4. You are living a life of adventure that is driven by curiosity.
  5. You always find inspiration in nature.
  6. You listen to your body.
  7. You don't judge, just observe.
  8. You begin each morning from a place of peace and self-love.
  9. You live life in a light-hearted way.
  10. You see new opportunity everyday.
  11. Your day is never mundane, always joyful.
  12. You feel nature's vibrant and healing energy every day.
  13. You live in the moment.
  14. You know that your life journey is more about traveling down the road of excellence than getting to the destination.
  15. You live your life in gratitude for all things big and small.
  16. You know that just because you think it, doesn't make it true. 

What are your words of wisdom? Do any of these resonate with you? Tell us! That's where the real conversation starts. And we love sharing, so if you feel so inclined, share this article with your friends with the button below.

Wishing you a joyful and abundant 2017!

Love and peace to all -Becci

P.S. For all of you who love to walk, we've got an Urban Nature walk planned for January 21, 2017. We'll be exploring Seattle's beautiful Seward park, located along the shores of Lake Washington. It's a great way to get some exercise and meet new people. More details to come. To grab all the details and monthly announcements, sign up in the box to the left of this post. 


Join us for a special evening holiday walk on December 10 through Candy Cane Lane in the Ravenna - Roosevelt neighborhood

Bridge crossing ravine in Ravenna Park

To get all the details about our next special evening holiday walk on December 10, 2016, click the link below.

Candy Cane Lane in the Ravenna - Roosevelt neighborhood. Includes Ravenna Park!


Create your own morning ritual for a beautiful start to your day

I created my own morning ritual about 14 years ago and it is now an amazing grounding force in my life. I started with journaling and a cup of coffee each morning for about 15 minutes. Over the years I switched to herb tea, added meditation, added a homemade green smoothie and within the last few months, professional daily writing. My morning ritual has grown to about an hour and a half. I do have the luxury of writing at home, but when I was working out of the house, I gave myself extra time by getting up earlier. It was worth every minute.

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Join us for our next Seattle City Walk through Discovery Park

To get all the details about our next urban nature walk on September 10, 2016, click the link below.

Discovery Park walk


Nine cool ideas for your summer days

Summer has a wonderful energy. The season's long days and warm temperatures give you plenty of time for the outdoors. Ranging from a vigorous hike to a fun day at the lake to lazing around in a lounge chair with a good book to an outdoor concert, the choices are ample. For many of you it's tempting to fill the weeks with lots of exciting experiences. But, I guarantee you will enjoy the summer much more if you slow your pace a little and build a balance between exciting and relaxing activities. Taking it easy during the summer can be just as delightful as an adventurous outing. You can do both. So mix it up. Here are nine summery activities to enjoy.

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Join us for our next Seattle city walk through Sunset Hill neighborhood, Golden Gardens Park and Ballard Marina


To get all the details about our next summer walk on Saturday August 13, 2016, click the link below.

Sunset Hill neighborhood, Golden Gardens park and Ballard Marina summer walk


Join us for our next Seattle city walk in the Eastlake Neighborhood and south area of Lake Union

To get all the details about our next urban nature walk on Saturday, July 9, 2016, click the link below. 

Eastlake neighborhood and south area of Lake Union Seattle walk


Happy Summer Solstice: Feel the inspiring energy of summer

I love summer. The season always feels so sweet, uplifting and, best of all, FUN. And for those of us in the northern hemisphere, it's just beginning. Late night walks and talks, backyard barbecues and fires, early morning light with coffee on the deck, abundant flowers, patio dates, summer concerts, last minute getaways, outdoor workouts and so much more. The inspiring energy of this season is heightened by spending time in nature. Open up to it and you will find that summer is filled with new light and beauty.

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Join us for our Next Seattle city walk along Alki Beach in the West Seattle Neighborhood 

To sign up and get all the details about our next urban nature walk on Saturday June 4, 2016, click the link below. 

Alki Beach walk in West Seattle


Explore a park this SPRING

Moss and tiny rock flowers cover wet canyon walls in the Columbia Gorge
I just got back from a few days in the Columbia Gorge, one of the most lush natural areas in the Pacific Northwest.

I returned home believing that exploring a park or some other natural area might be the next best thing you can do for yourself this spring. Here is a bit of description about our recent excursion to the Columbia Gorge. 

We were hiking uphill through a beautiful canyon in one of the many Columbia Gorge parks, located just east of Portland, Oregon. It's an outstanding natural area of towering cliffs, canyons and waterfalls.

As I climbed, I was charmed by the bright green moss and tiny rock flowers that covered dripping canyon walls. The sweet smell of spring infused the air. Splashing water from waterfalls and rivers generated abundant amounts of magical little negative ions. I took deep breaths to get all of their mood-lifting benefits. Strands of sunlit moss dangled from every tree branch. Signs of new life were everywhere and the spring energy was palpable. I couldn't get enough!

Whether it's a few hours or a few days, tap into your sense of adventure and start planning your next excursion. Spring will welcome you.


More from Nature Me

Join our next Nature me group walk as we explore Alki Beach and surrounding neighborhood on June 4. It's always a fun time and we end our walks with lunch at a cool urban restaurant. I'll post more details about where to meet and how to sign up here on the blog soon, but in the meantime save the date --June 4th at 10 am.  

Something's in the air and it ain't love 

Discover the Secrets of Olympic National Park's Seashore

Find a park you might like to explore from the Puget Sound Urban Nature Series

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   -Six easy steps

I'm continually exploring and writing about Puget Sound urban parks...what parks would you like to explore? Leave your suggestions for articles in the comments below or send me an email.


We have a new private FACEBOOK GROUP for Nature Me. You can post nature related photos, articles, reports, tips and questions. Share your personal experiences and stories. Suggest places to go and what to do in nature. Just click on the link below to check it out and join.

Facebook Group Nature Me Community 


Join us for our next Seattle city spring walk in Volunteer Park and Harvard-Belmont historic neighborhood 

Lemon tree inside Volunteer Park Conservatory, Seattle Washington

To sign up and get all the details about our next urban nature walk on Saturday April 16, 2016, click the link below. 

Volunteer Park and Harvard-Belmont historic neighborhood walk. 


11 ways to embrace spring

Cherry and Oregon Crab Apple trees. © 2016 Curt Given/ Given PhotographySpring is so invigorating. The season is naturally filled with signs of birth, renewal, and newness. You can't help but feel inspired to try something new. Change things up. Get outside. Start that new outdoor project. Here are eleven spring experiences to get your creativity flowing.

1. Take an early morning walk often. It's when wildlife is the most active. Birds are calling for their would-be mates and easy to spot in their brightly colored mating feathers. Tiny mammals are eating the fresh greens along side roads and pathways. And the crisp air feels so good. Walk at least weekly and notice the changes.

2. Look for old bird nests. Trees are just beginning to leaf out, so you have plenty of time to look for old birds nests. This will give you a jump on where birds will be nesting this year. They are so fun to watch when nesting. You can see them tirelessly rebuild their nest with umpteen trips, their beaks filled with grasses and leaves. Soon you will catch glimpses of babies and hear their peeps. In our area near the Ballard Locks there is an amazing Great Blue Heron rookery. You can see, hear and smell the adults as they refurbish their nests and feed their babies throughout the spring. Always an awe-inspiring site that will capture your interest for a long time.

3. Find a wetland. These nutrient rich areas are home to many critters. You can see herons, muskrats, marsh wrens, minks, weasels, ducks, geese and blackbirds to name a few. We have a favorite day-trip from the Seattle area just past the Canadian Border. It's the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. A springtime visit to this sanctuary is well worth the trip. Here is a link to an article I wrote for Parent Map that describes all the details and how to get there. Put it on your list of outings. You will love it. Article link: Winging it! A great family getawy that's for the birds

4. Explore a riverfront trail. Last week while I walked along a riverfront trail, I saw Canada geese, a pileated woodpecker, squirrels, hummingbirds and a snake...all within about an hour. River otters are common in rivers, too and I've seen them many times. I'm always amused to watch as they play, swim and tumble back and forth between the river bank and water. You can look for their burrows and holes in the river bank. The teaming life along a river can be quite captivating in a short amount of time. 

5. Notice trees, shrubs and flowers. Use a field guide to identify plants. Or take a picture and look up online. Changes are daily now and it's fun to track plant growth. Are they leafing out or still dormant. What shape and color are the leaves? Do they still have their winter fruit? Are flowers starting to bud or even bloom? Where are green shoots coming up? Try to name the flowers and trees.

6. Note how spring makes you feel. Do you feel more energy than usual? Take advantage of the inspiring energy to start something new or clear out some old stuff. This can be either internal or external. For example, start a new meditation or walking routine. Or, clear the clutter from an area of your house. The rhythm and energy of the spring season make new starts easier.

7. Listen and watch for birds. Carry a small field guide with you to identify the birds you see and hear. Or use Ibird Pro, which is a great app to help you ID them while in the field. Notice the birds that are showing off their spring plumage.

8. Track the weather. Is it still cold enough for a hat? Is the rain or frost keeping you inside? If you do any traveling note the differences in temperatures. I was on the eastern side of the state last week and definitely needed hat and gloves for an early morning walk. Are the days fluctuating between warm and cold or gradually getting warmer? Is frost still evident in the early morning? It's fun to notice the changes and helps you immerse yourself into the rhythm of the season. 

9. Embrace the season. Find a natural place you like and note all of the characteristics that are related to spring. Then plan to visit it often during the season and track the changes. Then take it a step further and visit the same place each season to note the difference. You will learn how every season has its own kind of beauty. 

10. Sit in the sun. Its energy is important for our health in so many ways. Bask in its warmth and remember the sun's vital importance to all living things.

11. See nature as your playground. Your playground can be anything from a local park to a wilderness area to your own backyard. Be curious. Explore. Look closely at everything. Immerse yourself in the mystery and beauty of mother nature as people have done for thousands of years. You will find nature illuminating in so many ways.   

What are some of your favorite ways to embrace spring? Are you working in your garden? Planting new shrubs? Or, maybe taking a spring vacation to a sunny spot? We want to know so share with us! And if you feel so inclined, please click the button below to share with others. 

Happy spring!!


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Seattle City Walk - Madison Park on March 6, 2016 

Come walk with us! We are leading free urban nature walks around Seattle. We've got a new walk planned for Madison Park on March 6, 2016. 


This urban nature walk takes in all of the upscale beauty and charm of the Madison Park neighborhood. You'll get great views of Lake Washington, a look at the eclectic mix of shops and restaurants that border Madison avenue and a nice walk through this peaceful neighborhood of beautiful homes with amazing landscapes.

Our walking trail parallels Lake Washington, heading south from Madison Park to Madrona Park. It's about 4 miles round trip. Depending on our pace and stops along the way, it will take approximately 2.5 hours. The terrain is mostly asphalt, so wear comfy walking shoes. 

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