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Morning at the Market

Last week, in anticipation of Thanksgiving, I spent a morning at the outdoor Ballard Farmer's Market with my daughter Tiffany. We happily wandered, browsing stalls that were packed with veggies and bursting with color.

As we filled our bags, Tiffany so aptly described how we both felt--that we were very much a part of a community. All coming together in a loving spirit, sharing, conversing and connecting.

Here's a look at this wonderful market.


Colorful festival banners are staked up at both ends of the Ballard Farmer's Market, setting the upbeat tone of this popular place. The market is open every Sunday, year-round. 


Vegetables are the big sellers and this time of year the stalls are loaded with root vegetables. Perfect ingredients for a big pan of hearty soup. Check out this delicious Creamy carrot and sweet potato soup recipe from Cooking Light. My very talented daughter, who is a high-school teacher, taught her students how to cook this in her nutrition and wellness class. 


We saw bins and bins of big, plump market squash. Always perfect for roasting.


Vendors at this market get pretty artsy with their displays. We particularly loved this giant pile of beets with bags of fingerling potatoes at its base. Amazing that it didn't topple over. 


Baskets of always sought out herbs are tucked among the vegetable bins. The smells are heavenly.


The market is staged for several blocks down the center of Ballard Avenue, which is located in the cool historic district of Ballard. Quirky shops, popular restaurants and eclectic bars line both sides of the street. 


Although hundreds of people visit this market, the crowds are manageable so you have plenty of room to browse inside the vendor tents.


It wouldn't be a farmer's market without a beautiful selection of low-cost, just-picked flowers. These fall bouquets were particularly stunning. 


This is definitely a dog and kid friendly place. Lots of families and dog owners were among the shoppers, adding even more character to this bustling market. 


Many of the vendors are from small farms, and participate in community supported agriculture programs. Boistfort Valley Farm has 70 acres of organic vegetable, herbs and flowers. They deliver freshly harvested produce at drop-off stations around the Puget Sound area. 


More and more people are buying organic these days and many farmers are meeting that demand. You'll find a large selection of certified organic produce among the stalls.

A nice display of organic herbs and veggies.


The farmers and helpers working in the stalls are awesome. Friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. You really get the feeling that they farm from the heart.


Not only did we get great fresh vegetables, we sampled a few really good wines. And they were so good we both bought a bottle to take home.



You'll find a lot more at farmer's markets than produce. Free range eggs and poultry, wild fish, artisan cheeses, honeys, bakery goods, orchard fruits and home-grown teas are all part of this wonderful local market . 

Happy Thanksgiving!


PICTURE IT WELL: Letting go 

Buckeye Tree and Maple leaves, © 2013 Curt Given/Given PhotographyLetting go of your need to control is one of the best ways to feel empowered.

Seems kind of counter-intuitive, but according to emotional well-being experts, it's an effective way to feel liberated.

How often have you felt left out, been afraid to take a risk or felt like you disappointed someone? Your initial reaction might have been to try to fix it. Force an outcome. 

Next time you're struggling like this, take a step back. 

Then ask yourself these powerful questions to help you get beyond your immediate need for control.

How is this belief or behavior helping me? What purpose is it serving? Is this stress making me happy? Is it fulfilling a need? What am I trying to accomplish? 

Chances are, you'll discover that whatever has been making you suffer, is all about your need for trying to control the end result. And it's holding you back or limiting you in some way. Definitely not really serving your best interest.

That is is your motivation to let it go. Move on and open up. Know that you can only control yourself.

Then the real power comes. Freedom.

(Picture it Well are photographs that symbolize some aspect of personal wellness. The brief text is meant to inspire, get you thinking, and/or show you the healing power of nature.)


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Start your week with a day off

It's like getting a brand new outfit for the party. It's way better than driving to work a new way. And the anticipation is sweeter than your daily nibble of chocolate. You'll look forward to it all weekend.

Monday. (Or, whatever day begins your week.) A day to yourself. No kids. No work. No obligations. Freedom.

And if you're thinking Friday would be better. It's not. You'll end up treating it just like Saturday and it won't feel as special. But, when Sunday night comes along, after two days off, you will feel rested, fresh and excited at the idea of having one more day.

Have I got you interested? I used every cliche in the book (one more) to try to convince you!

So give it a go. Make those arrangements now. I guarantee you will love it. 

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PICTURE IT WELL: See the abundance in your life

Experiencing abundance in your life is easier than you think. And an abundant life does not mean having more stuff or more money. According to spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, the secret is that it's right in front of you. No need to seek. Just open up to what is already there.

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Make it a bird walk!

One of the easiest and best ways to enjoy nature is while you're on a walk. Whether you are in a park, wilderness area or your neighborhood, paying attention to nature adds a whole new dimension to your walk. Especially if you watch a few birds along the way. Birds? You might be asking.

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New from the Puget Sound Urban Nature Series

At this urban beach park, you'll feel a world away from the busy Seattle metropolis. Panoramic views, a nice stretch of beach and lots of dune grass are some of the features you'll love.  

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"Study nature, love nature, and stay close to nature, it will never fail you." -Frank Lloyd Wright I used to think that I had to take a vacation and travel great distances to experience the beauty and benefits of nature. Visiting a national park or some other type of natural area seemed like the only way. It was a big misconception on my part.

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What's the difference between a seal and a sea lion?

Just as I looked up, it dove under. What was it? I watched for a long time and then movement about 30 feet south caught my eye. I turned, and again, missed it. Just the movement of swirling

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PICTURE IT WELL: Play it up in the New Year

Red Fox, © Curt Given/Given Photography Are you thinking about setting New Year's resolutions? Well here is one to consider.

Play more.

According to Dr. Stuart Brown, who is known for his extensive research on the importance of play and founder of the Institute for Play, there is a strong correlation between success and playful activities

In his book, Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul, Brown claims people who play are more creative. And he says playing is essential to

  • strong social skills
  • solving problems 
  • increased energy
  • intellectual and emotional growth.

The Institute for Play describes play for both animals and humans as "a universal training course and language of trust. The belief that one is safe with another being or in any situation is formed over time during regular play. Trust is the basis of intimacy, cooperation, creativity, successful work, and more."

So this year, why not take your cue from Dr. Stuart Brown and our animal friends and put a few play dates into your 2013 resolutions.

Are you all work and no play? What play ideas do you have for us? What do you think about Dr. Brown's research that shows the correlation between play and trust?

If you like this post, share with your friends!   

Happy New Year! 


(Picture it Well are photographs that symbolize some aspect of personal wellness. The brief text is meant to inspire, get you thinking, and/or show you the healing power of nature.) 

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PICTURE IT WELL: Reflect for growth

Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, © Curt Given/Given Photography 2010When you want to change things up in your life, personal reflection is a powerful way to do that. According to life coach, Martha Beck, reflecting on a past experience can expand your own awareness about your best and maybe not-so-best qualities. But don't dwell or judge yourself harshly. Just think about what you might have done differently from the perspective of enhancing the best in you or changing what did not serve you well. Then move on by integrating that new understanding into your life.


(Picture it Well are photographs that symbolize some aspect of personal wellness. The brief text is meant to inspire, get you thinking, and/or show you the healing power of nature.)

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20 inspirational writing tips for your travel journal

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