Free City Walks around Seattle

Come walk with us. We are leading free fun and interesting urban nature walks in the greater Seattle area.

Our next walk is on August 19, 2017. We will be exploring the Westlake area of the Cheshiahud loop along Lake Union in Seattle. All the details are coming soon. 

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A Sweet Little Guide to Nature Me For You


A Simple Way to FEEL MORE JOY in your life

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Add a little SPRING to your day

Make yourself a cup of jasmine green tea, let your calls go to voicemail, lean back, and give yourself 60 seconds of bliss with these gorgeous images. Happy Spring!


Something's in the air and it ain't love, but it's almost as good

The falling water was mesmerizing. Never-ending as it tumbled down the basalt rocks to a pool that was a couple of hundred feet below. Thunderous, gushing water. Its powerful splashes sending waves of swirling water and mist everywhere, covering the rocks, stone path, ferns, moss and my face. I took a deep breath.

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Nine earthy ways to celebrate YOU on Earth Day

Earth day is all about recognizing our role in sustaining the earth. It's a reminder that we are all one global community sharing this great big planet of ours and what we do effects everyone and everything. Blah, blah blah. Let's approach it differently this year. Turn it around. Think of it as a new beginning.

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The science behind nature and emotional well-being

Throughout the last 20 years, I have spent much of my free time in nature. After countless nature-themed vacations, week-end getaways and day-trips, it has become apparent to me that emotional well-being and nature go hand-in-hand.

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How to recharge your week with a Saturday "play-date"

Your week was difficult...maybe even draining. Are you wondering how to change it up? Play. I know what you are thinking. Who has time to play? Not to mention play at what? But any life coach or psychologist will agree with me, saying that playing can be one of the best antidotes for anything that weighs you down.

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