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April 14, 2018 

Free City Walks around Seattle

Come walk with us. We are leading free fun and interesting urban nature walks in the greater Seattle area.

SAVE THE DATE. Our next walk is set for April 14, 2018 in the Central/Madrona/Leschi neighborhoods! Grab the details here

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Seven things to do outside this winter

Tundra Swans. © 2017 Curt Given/Given Photography

A Sweet Little Guide to Nature Me For You


A Simple Way to FEEL MORE JOY in your life

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Journal Archive

Feel more JOY in your life with your own NATURE JOY LIST

Here are some of my simple nature experiences that have given me long moments of joy. I keep a list to help me pay more attention to what's going on around me.

You can track your experiences with a list, too. Just keep a pocket notebook handy and jot them down as you go. (You can find many inspirational nature-themed small notebooks and journals these days in book stores. I like Ecojot notebooks.) 

Don't underestimate the effect of these joyful moments. They are restorative, naturally offering a healing balm to our hectic days. And they all add up to living an abundant life.

  • feeling the love of earth during an early morning walk
  • the thrill of spying a rare flock of Cedar Waxwings in our holly tree
  • delighted by the burst of trills from a tiny Bewick's wren in our backyard
  • seeing the first pink blossoms of spring
  • walking through the moors of Scotland reminding me of an old classic- Wuthering Heights Moors of Scotland near Old Man Storr trail, Isle of Skye
  • laughing and feeling a little like Snow-white as a European robin follows me down the trail Very friendly European Robin
  • exploring an old carriage trail that leads to a castle in Scotland Old carriage trail, Portree Scotland
  • walking in the rain
  • feeling the pull of new-moon energy
  • watching an awe-inspiring November morning sunrise
  • walking through fallen leaves
  • being awed by the stillness, patience and grace of a Great Blue Heron standing in mud flats waiting for his dinner
  • watching the amazing synchronized patterns of shorebirds in flight
  • becoming aware of the pervasive stillness and beauty while on a winter forest hike
  • standing amid frost covered trees
  • watching huddled squirrels and puffed-up birds
  • noticing the magnificence of bare trees in the winter
  • loving the pink hue of the Cascade Mountains as the sun sets
  • hearing the honking calls of a flock of Canada geese flying overhead
  • enjoying the antics of a Towhee trying to navigate a suet feeder
  • watching a giant golden globe rise over the mountains at sunset
  • loving the pervasive smell of pine on my walk after a huge wind storm
  • beathing in the the rich earthy smell of a wet, littered autumn forest floor
  • feeling so right while walking through a fall forest bursting with brightness
  • experiencing the mind-boggling vastness of Yosemite NP
  • sitting by a lake shore for a long time
  • wondering how that brilliant turquoise water can be of this earth
  • feeling soothed by the soft sounds of lapping waves
  • loving the sand between my toes
  • watching the unrelenting effort of two crows trying to terrorize a bald eagle perched in a tree
  • entranced by the sparkly snow on the maple tree outside my home office window
  • walking alone through a gorgeous rock canyon
  • experiencing the strangely beautiful landscapes of Death Valley national park
  • seeing huge beautiful bluish-green rocks made of green chlorite minerals in Death Valley national park
  • appreciating the solitude and surrounding beauty while sitting on a giant boulder in the desert
  • drawing a prickly pear cactus while perched on a giant boulder in Joshua Tree national park
  • seeing a desert forest of Joshua trees
  • waking up to the warm sun on San Diego bay in November
  • loving the shape-shifter talent of a great blue heron
  • suddenly knowing that a swan's grace and beauty is a gift to cherishTrumpeter Swan, © Cary Given/Given Photography 2014
  • mesmerized by the foamy waves at beach 3 near Kalaloch, Washington 
  • feeling inspired during an early morning walk along the straight of Juan de Fuca
  • looking for an illusive snowy owl while cruising the snowy roads of Sammish flats
  • feeling my heart warm while watching huge flocks of snow geese feed and fly on a cold winter day
  • beach combing for sand dollars
  • hearing the call of a Flicker outside my hotel room door
  • watching the antics of baby birds on my backyard feeder
  • watching an eagle soar overhead
  • contemplating the stunning beauty of a blooming dahlia
  • knowing the difference between a seal and sea lion
  • watching 11 tiny bushtits cover a suet feeder
  • the smell of fresh cedar
  • watching 30+ birds on my backyard feeder
  • walking in the rain
  • falling leaves on my head
  • mellow-yellow light on a sunny fall day
  • the earthy smell of fall
  • barefoot beach walking on a late summer day
  • watching baby birds beg for food from their parents
  • smelling a sun-warmed mountain pine forest
  • contemplating the bright orange flowers of a gerber daisy
  • getting "buzzed" by a hummingbird
  • feeling the mist from a waterfall on my face
  • noticing something new every time I walk the same stretch of beach
  • watching a curious harbor seal swim along the city's shoreline
  • seeing three different types of woodpeckers during my morning walk 
  • spying a puffed-up robin
  • the taste and smell of jasmine in green tea
  • finding mysterious sand patterns at the beach
  • the freedom that comes with a snow day
  • watching a wise coyote Giant Sequoia Tree, Sequoia National Park, © Curt Given/Given Photography 2011
  • being awed by a Giant Sequoia
  • discovering a secret garden 
  • knowing that nature does not judge, it just IS
  • hearing the roar of a river
  • finding a comfy, flat rock for my tush
  • smelling a freshly snipped rosemary sprig
  • being delighted by 3 tiny birds cuddled on a branch outside my kitchen window
  • feeling the magic of sparkly snow
  • being surprised by the pink flash of a humming bird's throat
  • spying a sleepy red fox near my tentRed Fox, © Curt Given/Given Photography 2010
  • looking out my kitchen window at a shrub covered with tiny reflecting water droplets
  • watching a baby hawk owl calling for its mother with my kids
  • hunting for screech owls in gnarled and twisted juniper trees
  • seeing the beauty of winter in a tree covered with ice crystals