Take a Walk in the Park this summer with my NEW Book!


I’m excited to announce that my new ebook, “How to Make Every Day a Walk in the Park: 101 Empowering Ways to Connect With Nature,” is now available on Amazon in the Kindle Store. It’s out just in time for summer! Here’s an excerpt from my book introduction…

During that trip we slept in a tent for thirteen nights among the bears, wolves, and caribou. One night I crawled into my sleeping bag after seeing a mother grizzly bear and her two cubs grazing less than a mile away from our tent. Was I crazy?

It was a blast to come up with 101 empowering ways to connect with nature. Some of them are on my website, but many are new. Hopefully, they all seem fresh and fun for you to try. Below you will find my book blurb (think of the back of a printed book) and a link to my book in the Amazon Kindle Store. (You don’t need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books. You can download free apps on your phone or devices to read them.)

Link to the book here: How to Make Every Day a Walk in the Park: 101 Empowering Ways to Connect With Nature

Book Blurb

Did you know that connecting with nature helps you connect with your own personal power? Do you need ideas on how to spend time in nature? Do you want a break from your crazy, hectic week? Let travel and nature writer Rebecca Bailey show you how to get the most out of our natural world.

A growing amount of research demonstrates that emotional well-being and nature go hand-in-hand. It’s why you feel good when watching a beautiful sunset, exploring a beach, or walking through a park. You are connecting with a natural uplifting energy.

Time in nature is not only uplifting, it ultimately brings more relevance into your life. Bailey shows you how, drawing from more than 25 years of travel and nature experiences. How to Make Every Day a Walk in the Park is an extensive list of nature activities and guidance on how to tap into the mood-boosting power of nature. 

You'll find suggestions about fun outdoor activities, places to go, and simple ideas on how to feel better while spending time in nature. You'll read about easy activities that will leave you refreshed and ready to take on just about anything. 

Whether walking outside, enjoying the heady fragrance of your favorite flower, or gazing at the night sky, this book will help you tap into nature’s countless nourishing ways.

Before long, you will begin to understand nature’s role in your own life and how it can positively impact you, helping you to find more joy, peace, and balance in your life. 

And make every day a walk in the park.

That’s it for now. I hope you love my book! Let me know what you think and feel free to forward this to your friends who might like it.

Happy Summer,


Link to Amazon Here: : How to Make Every Day a Walk in the Park: 101 Empowering Ways to Connect With Nature (and Yourself)

P.S. Note that I’ve used my pen name —Rebecca Bailey.

P.P.S. Reviews of the book will help bring it to the attention of others. If you enjoy the book, I would be very grateful if you could spend just five minutes leaving a review (it can be as short as you like) on the book’s Amazon page. Thank you very much!