Create your own morning ritual for a beautiful start to your day

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I created my own morning ritual about 14 years ago and it is now an amazing grounding force in my life. I started with journaling and a cup of coffee each morning for about 15 minutes. Over the years I switched to herb tea, added meditation, added a homemade green smoothie and within the last few months, professional daily writing. My morning ritual has grown to about an hour and a half. I do have the luxury of writing at home, but when I was working out of the house, I gave myself extra time by getting up earlier. It was worth every minute. 

A morning ritual begins your day in a peaceful and empowered way. You can't always control situations or others, but you can choose how you want to start your day. Over time you will come to love this blissful morning time and the feeling will stay with you all day.  

Fall is an especially good time to create a morning ritual. The season has a natural energy that promotes change, clearing and makes way for the new. Falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and migrating birds are all good examples of change and clearing.

Defined, a ritual is something ceremonial with a series of actions. It can be 5 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on what works for your lifestyle. It's the focus on each action that makes it so special. Think of your ritual as nurturing for yourself, inside and out as you create it. 

So before you read your email, turn on the news or jump right into your to-dos, take a few minutes for yourself with two or three actions that add up to big support for your own well-being. You may have to get up a few minutes early or find a place where you won't be interrupted. But you are so worth it.

Here are some ideas of simple nourishing actions that you can do during your morning ritual. Start with one or two, add more or switch them up until you find the perfect ritual for you. Or, make up your own. Once you experience how wonderfula morning ritual makes you feel, you will never give it up.  

15 ideas to to help you create your own morning ritual...

Set an intention. This is a simple way to direct your day. A few of my I choose love...I will take actions that are empowering...I will come from a place of non judgment...I feel that success is inevitable...I expect nothing but the best...I will recognize and let go of my need to control. Whatever intention you choose, make it positive.  

Drink lemon water or tea. This is a great one to combine with another activity. If you are a coffee drinker that works, too. Google the benefits of drinking lemon water. It just may convert you.  

Write in your journal. One of my morning rituals. It never fails to give me perspective and help me prioritize what's important, getting me into an empowered state before my day starts. 

Walk outside. Early morning outside is the best. Take a gentle walk around your yard, block or neighborhood. Let your thoughts go and be present as you walk. Lovely.

Make a green smoothie. Drinking a green smoothie is nourishing in so many ways. I added this to my morning ritual about two years ago and love it. You can find tons of recipes and the specific health benefits on the internet. 

Listen to music. Listening to spa or nature sounds first thing keeps your thoughts at bay, giving you time to ease into your day. You might sip tea or coffee and look out the window while listening. It's all about stillness here.

Write. If you love to write, this is the time to do it. I just added daily writing (working on a book) to my morning ritual a few months ago. It's amazing how the words add up. 

Breathe the morning air. Grab a wool throw, step outside and take three or four deep breaths. It's a simple cleansing activity. This is a simple action to combine with another. 

Light a candle. This is nice to combine with another. It can add a beautiful spiritual element to your ritual. 

Draw. If you enjoy drawing, morning is an inspiring time to create. A little bit every day creates amazing art in no time.

Watch the sunrise or watch the night as it turns to daylight. This will make you feel like you've accomplished a great feat before your day starts. If you can get outside, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and sip a warm beverage. It's heaven. 

Meditate or pray. Meditation is part of my morning ritual that gives me so much comfort. Over time I have noticed a difference between the days that I do meditate and the days that I don't. A meditation day is filled with peace, ease and often fun. I am more apt to let things happen instead of trying to control situations or people. If you are new to mediation, you can find many free guided ones online. Start with 5 minutes. 

Read something uplifting. Find a motivating book that appeals to you and read a few pages every morning. Choose a book that focuses on personal growth and empowerment.

Gentle exercise. Yoga poses and stretches are a nice way to wake up your body. Three or four for a few minutes will do wonders. 

Watch the birds in your backyard or neighborhood. Birds are most active in the morning so your chances are good for spying one. They generally symbolize freedom and will give you great joy when you see one. You can incorporate this while on a gentle walk. 

Do you have a morning ritual? Share with us! And if you like, share with your friends with the button below.