Earth Love - 3 things you must absolutely do on Earth Day

giant sequoia. © given photography

giant sequoia. © given photography

Do these three things to feel more energized and connected with our great big beautiful planet on EARTH DAY. 

Get grounded. Find a place to sit, stand or lie outside. It could be your own backyard. Feel the solidness of the earth beneath you. Imagine that you have roots growing deep into the ground. Let your thoughts go and keep your attention on the solid earth supporting you. Imagine that you are drawing her strength into you. Soon you'll really feel her energy and the underlying strength that is always there just for you.

Be grateful. Again, find a place in nature outside or do this in conjunction with getting grounded. Think of three things you are grateful for. It could be as big as the love of your children or as simple as the soft sheets on your bed. The natural setting will help you drop your worries and move into thoughtful reflection. I'm betting that once you settle in, you'll come up with way more than three things that bring you gratitude. Spend a few minutes doing this and soon you'll feel joy. 

Feel empowered. Do one simple thing to honor the earth that makes you feel good. Some ideas might be joining in on an organized Earth Day 5k run/walk, planting a flowering shrub, introducing your kids to nature by exploring a wetland, or doing your part for an environmental cause such as protecting local water sources by using earth friendly fertilizers in your garden.

For more ways to celebrate Earth Day, or any day for that matter, read my article, Nine earthy ways to celebrate you on earth day.

For me, spending time outside and connecting with the earth's vibrant energy is critical to my well-being. It truly grounds me, helping me to keep balance in my life. What do you think? Have you found that to be true for yourself? Or do you want to spend more time in nature, but just can't seem to find the time?

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