How to create your own signpost



Sometimes we all need a little loving guidance or reminder to give us a few moments of inner peace or relief. Here is a simple technique to help you do just that.

Create your very own signpost.

Choose something of our natural world that speaks to you--it might be a specific flower, bird, or tree. Or maybe the smell of evergreen, seeing a crescent moon or getting buzzed by a hummingbird. I think you get the idea. Then attach a personal message to yourself to it. A message that sparks something within you a profound sense of peace, relief or inspiration. Make it very relevant to your life. Keep your message simple and uplifting. Messages centered on gratitude, self-love, uniqueness, balance, vitality, and compassion are among many examples.

My signpost is a hawk. Every time I see a hawk, I remind myself that I am strong and I am standing sure-footed right where I am. It's a simple message that works for me. And even though I live in the city, we have regular visits to our backyard from a Coopers hawk. Every single time I see that hawk, it's a time when I need to be reminded of that reassuring message. 

As your life expands and grows, you can change your signpost to something more relevant. Just know that every time you see your signpost it will feel magical. 

We would love it if you would create a signpost and share with us, if you feel so inclined. Do you have other simple rituals that you use to help ease your way? Tell us! And if this post resonates with you, please share below.