Next City Walk with Nature Me - November 21

WALK THIS WAY - Green Lake 

Come walk with us! We are leading free, fun and interesting urban nature walks around the greater Seattle area. See details below for our upcoming November 21 walk.


This fun and high energy walk will take us around Green Lake, which is so loved by Seattleites.

The path around the perimeter of Green Lake is just under 3 miles and it winds through a variety of terrain. You'll see everything from sports fields, to swimming ducks and geese to a wonderful variety of preserved natural plants and trees. Not to mention joggers, walkers, bikers, skaters and strollers. 

Also, we will add part of the bustling Green Lake neighborhood to our walk, making it approximately 3.5 to 4 miles. Depending on our pace it will take about 2 hours. The terrain is mostly asphalt, so wear comfy shoes. (Tennis shoes work great.)

Our intent for this walk is really more about discovery and connection with nature in an urban setting than fitness. The exercise is just a bonus! And, just so you know, it's not a formal tour, we explore right along with you. 

Date and Time: Saturday, November 21 at 10 am

Where: Green Lake, Seattle Washington. (Meet-up location and parking details to come with confirmation email)

Optional: As always, after the walk we'll gather at a nearby coffee house for refreshment and a little conversation. 

What we experience when we walk:

  • fresh, fun and uplifting
  • full of discovery and newness
  • an easy way to connect with others
  • a nice blend of urban and nature
  • a fun way to explore city neighborhoods

Sign-up: Send your name and contact information to (Sorry, I don't have an email link here yet!)

Space is limited, so once you sign-up, we will send you a confirmation email with final details of where to meet and parking options.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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