Next City Walk with Nature Me - Special Holiday Walk on December 20

WALK THIS WAY to the BALLARD FARMER'S MARKET. A special holiday walk! 

Come walk with us. We are leading free, fun and interesting walks around the greater Seattle area. See details below for our upcoming December 20 walk.


We've designed this urban walk just for the holidays! This special walk will explore part of the Ballard Neighborhood, but mostly introduce you to the fantastic Ballard Farmer's Market. You'll have ample time to shop and explore all of the bounty this market has to give. 

It's a year-round outdoor Sunday market filled with colorful stalls that offer all kinds of seasonal fresh veggies, free-range eggs, poultry, wild fish, artisan cheeses, honey, bakery goods, orchard fruits, home-grown teas, wines and much more.

We think it's a wonderful urban nature event. 

We'll take a two-mile walk through the Ballard neighborhood and end at the market to browse and shop. Depending on our pace allow 2 to 2.5 hours. The terrain is mostly asphalt, so wear comfy shoes.) Tennis shoes work great. 

Our intent for these walks are really more about discovery and connection with nature in an urban setting than fitness. The exercise is just a bonus! And, just so you know, it's not a formal tour, we explore right along with you. 

To get a preview of the bustling, colorful Ballard Farmer's Market, read my photo essay: Morning at the Market.

Date and Time: Sunday, December 20, 2015. 10 am

Where: Ballard neighborhood and Ballard Farmer's Market (Meet-up location and parking details to come with your confirmation email)

Optional: As always, if you like, after the walk we will gather at a nearby coffee house for refreshment and a little conversation. 

Here's what we experience when we walk:

  • fresh, fun and uplifting 
  • full of discovery and newness
  • an easy way to connect with others
  • a nice blend of urban and nature 
  • a great way to get moving
  • a fun way to explore city neighborhoods


To register for the walk, sign up here in five easy steps.

  1. Enter name
  2. Enter email
  3. Enter "Walk Dec. 20" in the subject box
  4. Enter, "I'm in" or whatever message you want in the message box (form requires this) 
  5. Then hit the submit button.

Once you sign-up, we will send you a confirmation email with final details of where to meet and parking options a couple of days before our walk.

Read seven ways to help you get more out of your wallk!


Becci and Tiffany


P.S. We have more walks coming--one each month, so to get updates, make sure you are subscribed to Nature Me. You can subscribe in the box to the left of this post! And please feel free to share with the button below.


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