One darn good reason to get up early!

Yellowstone River, © Given Photography 2018

Sometimes it's good to get up early. But given the choice for most of us, the soft sheets, warm cozy blankets and lull of sleep make it way more appealing to stay under the covers. And if it's still dark outside when your alarm goes's even more challenging to get out of bed.

Here's one good reason to get up early...the SUNRISE.

I know and you know that sunrises are beautiful and profound. We've witnessed and heard about their beauty throughout our lives. There is a reason for that. No matter how often you witness a sunrise your day will begin on a beautiful, energized, blissful note.

The colors are awe-inspiring. Pink tinged clouds, golden rays, orange-red horizon. Often times it looks like a magical scene from a fairytale.

The benefits are will have a remarkable start to your day, you will feel like you've undertaken a great feat before your day even starts and you may gain a little insight about some of those nagging thoughts.

Plan ahead and make it a morning date for yourself. Scout out the best locations, check local media sites or go to to find the sunrise time in your area. Take your breakfast and a cup of tea or coffee with you to sip while you watch.

Even if you can't get to a place where you can see the actual sunrise, you can watch the night sky turn to dawn. It's awe-inspiring, too...the mysterious dusky blue light that transcends night into day.    

We would love to hear from you. Have you watched a sunrise lately? Do you have a notable memory of one in particular? Do sunrises inspire you? What other experiences in nature inspire you? 

We can all use a little early morning inspiration so please do me a favor and share with the button below.