PICTURE IT WELL: See the abundance in your life

Experiencing abundance in your life is easier than you think. And an abundant life does not mean having more stuff or more money. According to spiritual guru Deepak Chopra, the secret is that it's right in front of you. No need to seek. Just open up to what is already there.

Nature gives us wonderful gifts of abundance. Gorgeous flowers. Warm sun. Wild animals. Magnificent mountains. Beautiful trees.

In our every day lives nature's abundance is everywhere. It's the potted herbs you so lovingly care for, your outdoor lunchtime walk with a co-worker, the look on your child's face when she spies a robin, the smell of jasmine near your front door, the ten minutes you give yourself to enjoy a cup of ginger tea, and the first moments of sunrise. I think you get the idea--abundance is unlimited. And, you can define it based on what makes you feel good. 

Consistently bringing your awareness to simple things such as these will cultivate a perception of a plentiful life. An overflowing fullness with promise and unlimited joy. An abundant life.   

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PICTURE IT WELL photos from givenphoto.com symbolize some aspect of well-being. The brief text is meant to inspire you and demonstrate the uplifting power of nature.