Seattle City Walk - Madison Park on March 6, 2016

Come walk with us! We are leading free urban nature walks around Seattle. We've got a new walk planned for Madison Park on March 6, 2016. 


This urban nature walk takes in all of the upscale beauty and charm of the Madison Park neighborhood. You'll get great views of Lake Washington, a look at the eclectic mix of shops and restaurants that border Madison avenue and a nice walk through this peaceful neighborhood of beautiful homes with amazing landscapes.

Our walking trail parallels Lake Washington, heading south from Madison Park to Madrona Park. It's about 4 miles round trip. Depending on our pace and stops along the way, it will take approximately 2.5 hours. The terrain is mostly asphalt, so wear comfy walking shoes. 

Our intent for these walks is all about discovery and connection with nature in an urban setting. We want to show you how easy it is to incorporate nature into your everyday life. The exercise is an added perk!

Just so you know...these are interesting guided city walks, but not formally narrated walking tours. We explore right along with you.

Date and Time: Sunday, March 6, 2016. 10 am

Where: Madison Park neighborhood.  (Meet-up location and parking details to come with your confirmation email)

Optional: As always, if you like, after the walk we will gather at a nearby Madison Park urban cafe or restaurant for refreshment and a little conversation. 

Here's what we experience when we walk:

  • fresh, fun and uplifting 
  • full of discovery and newness
  • an easy way to meet and connect with people
  • a nice blend of urban and nature 
  • a great way to get moving
  • a fun way to explore city neighborhoods


To register for the walksign up here in five easy steps.

  1. Enter name
  2. Enter email
  3. Enter "Madison Park" in the subject box
  4. Enter, "I'm in" or whatever message you want in the message box (form requires this) 
  5. Then hit the submit button.

Once you sign-up, we will send you a confirmation email a couple of days before the walk with final details of where to meet and parking options.

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