PICTURE IT WELL: learn to love solitude

Spending time alone in nature is a good way to quell anxiety. It has been well researched and reported that when you spend time in nature you can tap into its natural uplifting energy. Before you know it, your curiosity will kick in, you’ll become interested in your surroundings, and your persistent negative thoughts will dwindle. Do it often and nature will become your go-to-place to feel better.

Whether you are moving through a natural setting or sitting amidst pretty vegetation in a garden, the surrounding beauty will nourish you in so many ways. Some ideas include exploring a beach or park, journaling or reading on a park bench, following an urban footpath, or lounging on a blanket near a pond or lake.

PICTURE IT WELL photos from givenphoto.com symbolize some aspect of well-being. The brief text is meant to inspire you and demonstrate the uplifting power of nature.

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