Ten summer lovin' fun ideas for you

I don't know about you, but when summer kicks in with its long warm days, (which can be intermittent here in the Pacific Northwest), I instantly make a mental list of all the fun things I'm going to do. But, by the time mid-August shows up, I've forgotten most of them and done very few. This year I'm writing them down. Here are some suggestions for easy summery things you can do that will keep you enjoying every last warm day.

  1. Eat a meal outside. It's one of the simplest, most enjoyable pleasures of summer. Nothing nicer than savoring a meal on your patio, in a park, at a restaurant or from a trendy new street food truck or cart. The outdoor surrounding lends itself to feeling like you're on vacation or at least out of your normal routine.
  2. Do something new. The choices are endless. Go to an outdoor concert (many are free at lunchtime), visit a botanical garden, go fishing, kayak a lake, beach comb, take a hike, rent a paddle board, or take-in an outdoor movie. These ideas are a just a few among the many summer things to do. The best part--you'll feel really good after.
  3. Sleep outside. Whether it's in your backyard or a campground, sleeping outside at night is one of the coolest ways to feel a little afraid and invincible at the same time. Too much? Try a daytime nap--still wonderful.
  4. Watch a sunset. It might sound trite, but making this an outing is really fun. Scout out your location, then pack a blanket, bottle of chilled wine or some other cool concoction, and your camera for an hour or two of pure anticipation. It's a great way to liven up your weeknight. 
  5. Soak it up. Indulge yourself by spending time in an outdoor soaking pool. It doesn't get much better than sinking into a warm, steamy, fragrant soaking pool. Stress soon melts away as the water soothes and nourishes your skin and psyche. 
  6. Take an outdoor guided night-walk. Nothing like a moonlit walk to discover where owls and bats roost and nest. Creepy? Maybe...but definitely a hoot!
  7. Shop at a local outdoor farmer's market. You'll find plenty of fresh summer produce this time of year. Blueberries, sweet cherries, strawberries, figs, melons, corn, and more. Yum!
  8. Walk barefoot. I know, you might be thinking "that's nothing." But, it is. It's grounding and connects you to the earth. So kick-off those flip-flops and leave your footprints for others to follow. And, it goes without saying, (but I'm still saying), a barefoot beach walk is the best!
  9. Find a field of wild flowers. One of my favorite all-time summer outings is is seeing, smelling and walking through a field of wild flowers. So gorgeous and uplifting. You might have to travel a bit for this, but really worth it.
  10. Float in the water. Plan an outing to a lake, river, ocean or someplace with a body of water. You can swim, boat, tube, or simply float on an air mattress for a classic summer day of frolicing in the sun that never gets old.

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