Want inspiration? Visit a botanical garden

The other day a friend of mine enthusiastically commented on how great it feels to have a day to yourself. No demands or anyone telling you what needs to be done.

Really empowering.

I whole-heartedly agreed and was inspired to begin planning.

For my day, I chose to get into the newness of early spring by wandering through the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

This is an absolutely delightful way for anyone to spend a few hours. No need to be a botanist or even an avid gardener to enjoy a botanical garden. And now is the perfect time to see and be inspired by all the seeds, flowers and leaves that are beginning to sprout and bud. 

Botanical gardens are found in many urban areas, but an arboretum, large park or conservatory are also wonderful places to explore.  

If you need more convincing, this activity is a great mood booster, leaving you refreshed, full of new ideas and inspired to take action. For a peek at Bellevue Botanical Garden, see intro and link to the article and photos below.

Do you have any inspiring activities that you love to do this time of year to share with other readers? What's your favorite thing to do when you have time to yourself? 


Read about my lovely day at Bellevue Botanical Garden in the Puget Sound Urban Nature Series...

I sit in the middle of a tiny forest, feeling like I am miles from civilization. Surrounded by big old trees, singing birds, blooming plants and giant woodpecker holes, it is easy to get quiet, calm and settled. I feel soothed by the wooded surroundings. (Bellevue Botanical Garden article, continued)

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