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Do you want to feel better? 

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Connecting to the energy, beauty and natural healing power of nature in your everyday life will help you do all of this and more. 

You will find yourself...

Whether walking outside, enjoying the heady fragrance of your favorite flower or gazing at the night sky, this site will help you tap into nature's countless nourishing ways.

And before long, you will begin to understand nature's role in your own life and how it can positively impact your energy and emotional well-being. Ultimately, helping you to find more joy, peace and balance in your life.

And make everyday a walk in the park.

The Science behind it all

My findings are not just my own. There is a body of growing evidence that demonstrates the healing power of nature. In the beautifully written and easy-to-follow book, “Healing Spaces,” author Esther M. Sternberg, M.D., explores the science of place and well-being. Throughout the book, she weaves together studies and science that shows the mind-body connection with place and healing. Click this link to read more about "Healing Spaces."

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